Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a mile a day

I have been running almost everyday since I started training for Boston half marathon 2009. I started running 15 minutes a day and gained 5 minutes everyday until I realized I have run almost 120-130 miles in the past one and a half month. Actually I thought it was only 60 miles but I soon got to know that my pedometer wasn't calibrated properly. Nevertheless, I have started taking this sport very seriously. And seriously means taking steps to ensure that I do not do anything that would hamper or would be a disturbance for my run the next day.
Raw food (here plants and exclusively broccoli) was never my cup of tea. Then I read an article on raw food and its advantages. Wait, I myself was able to remember just now how I got hooked to raw food and fruits.
After hearing a lot about detox guides on the internet I thought too that I would detox myself. My 'Motivation'- small and a few pimples on my face, feeling of sluggishness during the day, brain fog (here means less clarity), indecisiveness, procrastination, constipation, smelly fart, are few of the things that I wanted to get rid off.
Then I started reading a ton of articles about detoxing, I heard about juice fasting, water fasting, various kind of enemas, etc etc etc etc. I even ordered an enema kit and tried it twice. To tell you that I felt happy with that rectal pipe in my ass would be an exaggerated attempt to make you laugh here, but anyways it did help, in removing constipation (I'll tell you man, enema kits rock in clearing the colon). But then all these attempts, all this hard work and its result was temporary, really!!! Temporary and that is all it was. A few halal rice, a few shwarmas later I was back to the old Prashant- constipated, sluggy, etctec...
It was then that I read an article about raw diet on Mr Steve Pavlina's website --> www.stevepavlina.com
I read about how this diet brings about clarity of thought, stomach (more important) and how it helps keep fit. Being curious since childhood, I went deep and studied one of the treatises on the subject "The China Study" by T.Colin Campbell.
After reading The China Study, I realized I was SAD by eating SAD food. Now SAD here is nothing but Standard American Diet or SAD. Now let me tell you one thing, we Indians have been eating this same SAD type food in India too.
as an example; Tell me how come we eat so less (by less I mean 3 times a day) and still manage to accumulate so many calories. The answer to this is: we Indians never march or move ahead in line unless there is oil in our food, which is nothing but fatty shit, oh sorry, its nothing but empty fatty shitty calories.
Well enough about China Study, Then I read the 80/10/10 diet by Dr Doug graham. It opened my eyes to the fact that we are nothing but evolved out of primates, like monkeys, gorilla, who eat nothing but plants, veggies fruits and yet are so strong. Plus our body is not made to digest acidic food like meat, chicken etc etc. I began thinking about eating whole fruits and veggies, and the next day I went shopping at food-town and bought a whole lot of fruits, and lettuce, cabbage (I juice them) and lots of carrots and celery (celery is my salt producer). The next 2 days I had loose motions, I wasn't scared, but I was happy as my body was detoxing.
My body healed itself within a week, and then I was up and running like hell everyday. Here is an example of a diet that I follow: 15-18 bananas, 2 oranges, 2 apples, carrot/cabbage/celery/apple mix juice 16oz, once or twice, lettuce half head mixed with spinach leaves (one cup), tomato, and a avocado. I seldom eat nuts and seeds.
Now i am fit as a horse, I can run for a minimum of 11 miles without prior notice, I can do a long run (10 mile) during the day and then chest/back strength training in the evening, without saying aah!!, then I can study better than ever before, sit patiently for studies for long times etc etc... Not feel sleepy in the afternoon, always have a clarity of thinking and no brain fog. No sluggish feeling etc etc. I am telling you, I have become a He-man of some sorts, and I would continue to keep such a feeling for years to come. Of course, who doesnt want to live a life free of toxins. Why do you want cooked food whan everyone knows the advantages of going raw. Anyways, its fun, embarking on a path you know leads to radiant health, and toxin free world.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Type in Hindi

Typing has never been such fun, waah, पर धिक्कार है मुझ पर, ग्यारह साल से कम्प्युटर शिक्शित रेह कर भी मै आज जाकर हिन्दी मे लिखना शुरु कर पाया। Its simply amazing, use of an IME or an input method editor and here I am, typing my way, expressing my thoughts, and having fun, and what, that too in हिन्दी|
The facts:
First and foremost, Install a file called as "Hindi_Toolkit.exe", its the IME i was talking about, Just Google for this file and you will get it.

Complete the installation, and then:

-click start,
-click control panel
-Vista users- under 'Clock Language and region' click on
'Change Keyboard or other input methods', XP users click on 'Regional and Language options' other users, please refer to google, ;)
-Under the Tab 'Keyboard and Languages' click
'Change Keyboards'.
-Under the tab 'General' click on 'Add', then search for HINDI and check the box beside the following----- "[[[[[[[[[[[[[HINDI IME]]]]]]]]]]]]
-click 'Okay'.....
-Now click on the tab beside general called 'Advanced Key Settings', and have a good look at the hot keys for switching between the 2 languages, English and Hindi, default is Left "ALT+SHIFT".
-Press Left "ALT+SHIFT" (together), and above the system tray (bottom right hand corner of your screen or monitor, click on the keyboard icon and select 'Hindi Transliteration'. Basically it means that you can use your English keyboard to type Hindi in a phonetic manner. So you can type 'm''a''n' and it will show as मन, and if you simply type "gadhe", it will simply show as "गधे",
waah, isnt it fun............

Point is, sometimes it much better and effective to express in ones mother tongue than any other language, और हिन्दी मे तो चुट्कुले भी पढ्ते और सुनते अच्छे लगते हैं। हाहा हा हा।

Saturday, January 31, 2009

बडे बढाई ना करे........

I had just started watching Raaz-2; The movie begins with these words from the wise - संत कबीर.....

"बुरा जो देखन मै चला , बुरा ना मिलेया कोय,
देखन मन जो आपना , मुझसे बुरा ना कोय;"

Suddenly in a flash of light I remembered the song
'बडे बढाई ना करे' from the 1978 movie 'अंखियोन के झरोके से'; not only the movie was famous for it being a lovely innocent love story, but also for the beautiful songs composed by Ravindra Jain. There goes Raaz-2, into oblivion!!

The song
'बडे बढाई ना करे' contains couplets from संत कबीर, अब्दुल रहिम खान-ए-खाना (one of the nine gems of King Akbar), and तुल्सीदास.
The song has a lot to say, especially about making simple our already complicated lives.
Listen carefully, for the lyrics are gem, and watch it only for ranjeeta;

बडे बढाई ना करें, बडे ना बोले बोल,
रहीमन हीरा कब बोले, लाख टका मेरो मोल रहीमा,
"The truly great never reveal their worth. Nor do those who are truly worthy of praise, praise themselves. Says Rahim, when does a diamond reveals it's value."

जो बढेन को लघु कहे, नही रहीम घट जाये,
गिरिधर मुरलीधर कहे, कछु दुख् मानत नाये रहीमा;
"As someone calls Shree Krishna (गिरिधर) a mere मुरलीधर, he never makes a grouse of it, in the same way you shouldn't if someone taunts you or tells you that you are small."

ग्यानी से कहिये कहा, केहत कबीर लज्जाये,
अन्धे आगे नाचते, कला अकारत जाये कबीरा;
"When Kabir is asked to teach an intellectual, he feels shy; it's like, What is the use of showing dancing skills to one who is blind."

ऐसी वाणी बोलिये, मन क आपा खोय,
औरन को शीतल करे, आपन शीतल होय कबीरा;
"Speak sweet words such, the woe of your heart is gone; Others hearts are endeared, and your heart of sorrow atone."

रात गवायी सो के, दिवस गवायो खाय,
हीरा जनम अमोल का, कोडी बद्ला जाये कबीरा;
"One wastes night by sleeping, the day goes in eating and frivolous activities; This is how a person who in nature was like diamond by birth wastes and reduces himself to a mere metal worthless in nature."

Ha ha!! This is what I feel like, hah, a graduate student......

तुल्सि भरोसे राम के, निर्भय होकर सोय,
अन्होनी होनी नहीं, होनी हो सो होय रे तुल्सि;
"This couplet by Tulsidas tells to pin your faith upon God. Nothing can go wrong if God is in your favor"

मेरी भाव बाधा हरो, राधा ना गरी सोय,
जा तनु के पर्चाई पर, श्याम हरित द्विति होय बिहारी;
"Hey, Goddess Shri Radha, Who's shadow is enough to make Lord Krishna happy; You take care of my life and of all my troubles."

दुख मे सुमिरन सब करे, सुख मे करें न कोय,
जो सुख मे सुमिरन करे, तो दुख काहे को होय कबीरा;
"Everyone remembers God in troubles, but not in happiness and fulfillment; If one remembers God at all times, then there would be no troubles at all."

आवत ही हर्से नही, नैनन नही सनेह,
तुल्सि कहा ना जाईये, चाहे कंचन बर्से मेघ रे तुल्सि;
" Can someone point out the meaning of this to me, i'm desperate to find out "

And now for the killer.....

"बुरा जो देखन मै चला , बुरा ना मिलेया कोय,
देखन मन जो आपना , मुझसे बुरा ना कोय;"
"I went in search of evil, only to find none; looking into myself, realized there was more evil none."

रहीमन धागा प्रेम का, मत तोडो चट्काय,
टूते से फिर ना जुडे, जुडे गांठ पड जाये रहीमा;

"Says Rahim, do not allow the (delicate) thread of love to snap. Once it snaps, it cannot be rejoined and if you do rejoin it, there would always be complications in it."

बिगडी बात बने नहि, लाख करो किन कोय,

रहीमन बिगडे दूध को, मठे न माखन होय रहीमा; मठे न माखन होय..............

"If a task is not done well (passion here), it is difficult to accomplish results, same way if milk is spoiled, one won't get butter by stirring it."


Finally after an hour of google and typing, here I am admiring Ranjeeta over and over again, and of course the couplets, they are amazing too. Wonder if people apply every word of this song, in their lives?!!! or would I !!!.....

back to Raaz-2..........

Btw here is another good song from the movie......

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